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released February 23, 2012




GERANIÜM Strasbourg, France

GERANIÜM is a crust hardcore band from France.

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Track Name: Homeostasis
Social balance, fellow distress
Keep your mouth shut to maintain their power
Do not move to let them do it their way
Society turmoil
Is as easy as a word
Do not be afraid of this threat
Things will never be worse
Track Name: Condoning the leak
Bruised soul never fixed,
Being emotionally handicapped, never stand happiness.
Running away from those who steal feelings.
Running away from those who can’t get that.
Struck by those who love you.
Don’t want to incur your sanity.
Strength lies in avoidance.
Track Name: No second chance
I'd rather be alone than pretend i feel alright
Why do i not feel alright ?
Too hard to explain and nobody is helping me
You know it and you use it
We didn't lay our cards on the table
I've been had
Just have to accept it
Sorry but fuck you !
(Yeah, sorry but fuck you !)
No second chance
It's like that
You don't give a fuck
And so, why should I ?
No self calling in question for sure
Always someone else's fault
Always consider yourself as the victim
I'm ashamed
Yeah, i'm not proud
But your far from being helpful
By throwing everything on others
Track Name: Ils arriveront dans un murmure puis disparaitront dans le brouillard et la terre
misantropic but realistic way to think but
there will be no other end for mankind
that its complete annihilation
so many years spend on wasting
instead of focusing on welfare
the phantom of vengeance is upon us
nobody will be able to escape
no time for regret
no time for repentance
we didn't care about money
we just wanted to live in peace
in a joyfull realm
but you and your manners
just blew up our outlooks
it's a fair reward when we see
how you considered human lifes
Track Name: I've got a bigger than yours (even if i got tities)
always trying to prove that you are better than me
don’t let people talk, don’t admit that they have something interesting to say.
You always relate all what Is said to you. Fuck your experiences, listen to me!!!
You love the sound of your voice more than a deep discussion. It’s impossible for you to listen to people! Communication is not a one way exchange, try to accept that and to live with that.

Listen to me!!!
Track Name: Les cathedrales du vide
noting but an empty shell
trying to fill it with things
trying to fill it with people
the fear of the void
makes us want to satisfy
our need of something
unbearable feeling of nothingness
untold story of our loneliness
Track Name: And this strange sensation of being nowhere at home
I've got this weird sensation
to belong to nowhere
how to find quietude
when all around you
you only find the unknown
pain in the guts
pain in the head
while trying to recognize the world
wandering doesn't work
but anyhow it finally ends
Track Name: Fashion fuck off
i want you to see me, to see me with my disguise.
I love to expose myself, let me belong to your world.
I’ll colour my hairs and put some glue in it to show that I’m like you
Fashion fuck off !!!
It’s not an outside standard but how you live it.
It’s about how you feel it, how you live it…