Fear is the enemy


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released November 24, 2018

Artwork by Simon Cold Mind.
Screenprinted by Sylvain Circle Print.
Double bass on "Interlude" by Nico.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steph at Disvlar studio.




GERANIÜM Strasbourg, France

GERANIÜM is a crust hardcore band from France.

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Track Name: Happy few
your wealth
our daily labour
your politics
our daily lives
your laws
our pain
enslaved by a system
where justice is
strong for the weak
and weak for the strong
where those who have
will always have more
where those who don't
will always be held responsible
on top of the pyramid
blinded by power
corrupt by greed
but with blood and tears on your hands
and a stone in your chest
Track Name: Rotten friendship
you call yourself a friend
with your hasty judgments
and your behind the back bad-talk
please stop pretending to do good
when everything you've ever done
is feed your ego with confessions
from those who thought
they could trust you
and then chatter with your courtesan
make your so called friends
feel like they deserve to be ignored
is the only thing you can do right
start coming down from you pedestal
before giving everyone lessons
start cleaning your own mess
before condemning others
you passive-aggressive, self-centered fuck
I don't want your rotten friendship
Track Name: Imprisoned by appearances
never feel overwhelmed
by a foreign look
what will you think
if i do things that way
if i do think this way
why are your actions
dictated by
the appearences dictatorship
i wanna be the way i want
i wanna act the way i feel
dont wanna think about
how it will influence your judgment
how it will impact our relationship
human relations as my true-selfs prison
me, locked up in a sham me
Track Name: Puppet parade
one backs down
another rises up
just as spoilt
just as rotten
hammer its head
another will pop up
then the same again
like an endless whac-a-mole
condemned but never guilty
reproachable but never worry
unrighteous puppets
lying ostensibly
with no justice
calling them phony
Track Name: Debout les damnés de la terre
those who suffered too long
those who have been trampled on
those whose voices has never been heard
those who will never hear thank you
those whose pain is considered nothing
those who are frustrated by disparities
those for whom justice is way too strong
those judged too fast by ignorants
those left apart because of their so-called
wake up, rise and be proud
you're more than enough
to punch some sense into
this worlds big fat ugly leaders
Track Name: Us VS The world
what are you without your friends ?
where would you be without friendship ?
only thing which lasts
only thing which counts
submerged by what you didn't choose
overwhelmed with no control
someone you can lean on
life is worth living through them
life is worth feelling with them
with nobody else
it always has been
and will always be
us versus the world
Track Name: Fear is the enemy
it cripples you when you wake up
twists your guts when you go out
makes your head turn when you think
you chew, you swallow, you puke
fear is the ghost
flying above you
fear is the mind
wandering in the unknow
fear is powerful enough
to scare the living daylights
out of anyone who yields to it
no one can help you
until they experience
what it truly and deeply means
to be terrified of feeling it again
Track Name: Their justice
what truth is there to claim
to those who are nothing else
that a personified forgery
and a widespread lie
their justice which
day after day
insults the condemed
those who were never given
the benefit of the doubt
enjoyed by IMF director
or a former president
beyond those barriers
imposed by states power
ideas flow, boil
and will never forget the lies
of the crooked and
opportunistic politicans

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